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Craft Beers from around the world including a wide selection of Lager, Pale Ales, Amber Ales, Stout, Indian Pale Ales, Double IPA's and Cider.

Excellent range of Craft Beers at Egan's Off-Licence, Portlaoise, Co. Laois. 

O'Hara's Stout
O’Hara’s Irish Stout has a robust roast flavour complemented by a full-bodied and smooth...  
Our Price2.99
O'Hara's Red Ale
This Red stands out in this beer style category. The malt body is as impressive as a bock, albeit in...  
Our Price3.35
O'Hara's Double IPA
A full-bodied, full on Double I.P.A. combining caramel and malt flavors with a well-balanced and...  
Our Price3.95
O'Hara's Leann Follain Extra Stout
 True to it’s name, “Leann Folláin” being the Gaelic for...  
Our Price3.65
Costello's The Red
Costellos is the next generation of brewers in Kilkenny, honoring age old traditions and...  
Our Price3.55
Mescan Westport White
Mescan Westport White No 58 pours a hazy pale in color with a frothy white head. It is crisp and...  
Our Price3.45
Delirium Nocturnum
8.5%  Belgian  Take a deep whiff of the Delirium Nocturnum to detect an aromatic...  
Our Price9.49
Delirium Tremens
8.5%  Belgian  The allusion to the pink elephant consequence of delirium tremens of...  
Our Price9.49
St Martin Blond
7%  Belgian  A round, balance and full flavor. In the mouth it is floral, elegant...  
Our Price6.49
St Martin Brune
8%  Belgian  Dark and strong mahogany color. Light head that remains for an average...  
Our Price7.99
La Trappe Dubbel
First place - Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival 7% Belgian  La Trappe Dubbel is a...  
Our Price7.49
La Trappe Blond
La Trappe Blond is an agreeable, tingling ale with a slightly sweet, softly bitter and malty...  
Our Price7.49
La Trappe Tripel
8% Belgian  La Trappe Tripel is a classic Trappist ale with a powerful and full taste. In...  
Our Price7.99
La Chouffe Blond
8% Belgian  CHOUFFE is an unfiltered blond beer which is re-fermented both in the bottle...  
Our Price8.99
Veltins Pilsner
4.8% German  Behind the tangy, herbal hop notes, this is quite a delicate beer and...  
Our Price2.99
leffe Blond
6.6%  Belgian  Age-old expertise and the combination of pale malt, water, hop and...  
Our Price2.35
(GLUTEN FREE)  4.2%  Poland   Light hop aroma and light...  
Our Price2.00
5.1% Italian  Bittersweet, but fairly thin for the strength, with herbal notes from the...  
Our Price3.85
Kinnegar Devil's Backbone
Devil's Backbone is a full bodied and full flavored Amber Ale with a hint of chocolate thrown...  
Our Price3.70
Kinnegar Yannaroddy
Yannaroddy is rich in traditional dark roasted malt flavours laced with an exotic streak...  
Our Price3.70
Ballykilcavan Bin Bawn
A generous dose of bittering and aroma hops create a well balanced crisp and refreshing Pale Ale.
Our Price3.75
Ballykilcavan Brickyard
Brewed with custom made caramel malt, this Irish Red ale has a rich malty base and a lingering...  
Our Price3.75
Sierra Nevada Torpedo
The Torpedo is an assertive American IPA with a smooth and bready malt presence and over the...  
Our Price7.20
12 acres Farmers Tan
A hoppy malt forward beer with caramel, light chocolate and nutty flavours balanced by an earthy...  
Our Price3.75
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Craft Beers in Ireland

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